[Review] Brinyte PT18 Oathkeeper Prototype by Sacrileizei

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Review copy was sent in by Brinyte to me here in the Philippines, whom I thank for the confidence afforded to me.



This is a prototype tactical hunting light from Brinyte which is not yet commercially available. 

This light is a serious contender for all the other lights in this category, it is very well built with premium quality materials.



1x Brinyte PT18 Oathkeeper

1x IMR 18650 3100mah cell

1x Type C USB charging cable

1x Lanyard (attached to the light)


Quick Features:

-High-strength aerospace aluminum body

-Mil-Spec hard anodized for extreme durabilit

-Waterproof O-Ring seals 

-Maximum output of 2000 Lumens and 360-meter beam distance

-Electronic side switch controls 4 illumination levels (LOW,MED,HIGH,and TURBO mode) with STROBE and SOS mode

-Mode Memory

-Electronic lockout(only for the side e-switch) and Mechanical lockout(only for the tail cap) capability

-Momentary TURBO mode

-Secondary tail switch for instant strobe and mode switch control

-Mode memory

Manufacturer Specifications:

-LED: Cree XHP35

-Light output: Max 2000 Lumens

-Reflector: Deep smooth precision polished

-Lens: Mineral glass

-Body Material: Aluminum Alloy

-Body Finish: Premium Black Type-III Hard-Anodized Anti-Abrasive Finish

-Switches: Electronic side switch and Tail main switch with secondary tail switch

-Powered by: 18650 3.7v

Physical Specifications:


Battery installation:

1. Unscrew the tail cap

2. Place the battery with the positive contact (+) facing the head of the flashlight

3. Screw on the tail cap and tighten until snug.

Battery Charge Indicator:

• When first switching on the light, the built-in LED indicator (located in the front side button) will glow for 5 seconds to indicate the battery’s charge.

o Green: =70%

o Orange: 70%-30%

o Constant Red: <30%

o Flashing Red: <10% (Indicator will continue to flash while the light is on).

General Operation:

The PT18 has three main buttons which turns ON/OFF the light and toggle between modes:

• Primary tail switch (round):

o Full press for TURBO, click again to turn the light OFF.

o Half press (without clicking) for momentary ON.

• Secondary tail switch (elliptical):

o While off: press/hold for strobe.

o While on:

– Click to cycle through brightness modes (LOW -> MED -> HIGH -> TURBO)

– Press/Hold for 2 seconds to turn on STROBE mode. Click once again to return back to a previously selected mode.

• Front side switch (round):

Electronic lockout/unlock:

– While OFF, press quickly 3 times the side switch to lock or unlock. At any time, the tail button can be lit, then the front side switch will be unlocked if it is left ON after 5s.

Mechanical lockout:

Turn the tail cap 1/4 counter clockwise.

*So the lockout, are independent and would work with one without the other. Either you lockout the e-switch but tail cap in screwed tight for a momentary TURBO, or do a mechanical lockout for the tail cap, and still be able to access the side switch(if you didn’t electronic lockout),

or do both lockouts at the same time for a more secure light when travelling (electronic lockout and mechanical lockout at the same time).

Changing Brightness Modes:

Tail secondary switch(elliptical): When the tail primary switch is on, the mode is changed cyclically by click: (click once) LOW-MED-HIGH-TURBO; (long press) STROBE, click once to return to the last mode memory.

Charging indication (TYPE-C interface)

The red light is always on during charging, the green light is always on when full, and the orange light is always on when the battery is reversed or not connected.

*You can still use the light when the charging process is completed or when it is full, the light can only do both the LOW and MED brightness setting.

Form Factor:

The light holds well in hand, it has very good CNC machining from bezel to tail. I can say it has was made with premium quality materials, it has some unique knurling patterns as well as the tail switches design which is very ergonomic and easy to access specially in tactical situations.


It has a slightly aggressive strike bezel design which can be removed from the light by unscrewing it, the threads are in the inner part so it is still aesthetically good looking even with the bezel off.



head without the bezel installed:


There is tempered glass and a smooth, deep, polished reflector, with the LED sitting perfectly centered.


The marking “Prototype” can be read clearly just below the strike bezel.


The head knurling is very unique, something that you would see on a binocular lens, the first tier has parallel knurling design and the lower second tier has 3 small layers of parallel knurling design as well. 

This helps greatly for grip and heat dissipation as well.


On the lower part of the head is the electronic switch with LED indicator, on the opposite side is the type C USB charging dock with a sturdy rubber cover boot installed. 

You can clearly see the markings of the brand and website as well as the model of the light on the sides.




The barrel is one with the head of the light, it is significantly thinner than the size of the head to hold the 18650 cell. 

It has a black steel detachable clip installed as well as a tactical ring or cigarette ring which rotates smoothly and gives the light anti-rolling feature once installed.



The knurling design on the barrel is very unique and first I have seen of it’s kind, it has the 3 sort of beam or trident design which you can find in the Brinyte logo itself etched on the barrel on two sides.



The tail cap has the same knurling pattern and design as the head, but this time with only 2 tiers of parallel knurling.

The tail cap design is unique to its secondary elliptical switch which is not wholly rounded at the bottom which prevents the light from doing a tail stand.



It also has a big enough hole for a lanyard to fit nicely (the lanyard comes attached with the light).

Creative shots:




Beam shots:












To sum up, I believe that the most important part of any review is if given the chance to purchase the same light for my own use, would I still purchase it?

For this light, it is a definite YES. Specially if you are looking for a complete Tactical flashlight with complete functions, a bright beam with very good throw and useable spill. Scrutinizing the light over throughout the review, I am hard pressed to find any flaws. If I were to nit-pick, also considering that this is just a prototype and not yet the actual commercial light, I would say, it would have been better if they utilized an XHP70.2 LED rather than the older XHP35, also a 21700 cell instead of an older 18650 as well. But overall design, performance and quality, I would say this is a serious contender in the tactical category. The price point if I would have to guess, I might say be around the $75-90 price range which I would say well worth it and bang for the buck given it's performance at this stage. One thing worth mentioning as well is that running on TURBO doesn’t heat up the light as quick as other lights do, which is mighty impressive for me. Brinyte truly impressed me with this lights performance and I would be keeping this in my EDC rotation and not letting go anytime soon.

As with all gears, two is one and one is none.

Light on brothers!