Brinyte turns 10 years old!

  Brinyte Team

On June 2-3, 2019, the 10th Anniversary Celebration of Brinyte Technology Co., Ltd., with the theme of “Brinyte for Ten Years, Dreaming for 100 Years”, was held in the Overseas Chinese Town.In keeping with the spirit of endless life, the three generations of Brinyte family gathered together to share the joy and excitement of the 10th anniversary of the luminous.

Ten years of flashlight industry, witnessed the changes in the sea. The only constant  is the struggle for the career to provide a stable and reliable outdoor lighting experience for consumers around the world.

The dream of Brinyte is illuminated by an outdoor sportsman who loves flashlights ten years ago. The pioneer of Brinyte dream is the lovely and respectable boss Carson. The development of Brinyte is inseparable from the people who stay in Brinyte.

Brinyte family are practical and persistent, serious and responsible, and actively innovating people. Ten years like one day, people-oriented, insist on the manufacture of high-quality flashlights, to ensure that the user is the best partner in the emergency state; adhere to the design of the most simple and practical user interface, to create the most convenient flashlight for users.

In the ten years of hard years that Brinyte has passed, the company is growing, the team is growing, and the platform is mature. Brinyte family  will continue to work hard, and witness the next glorious decade! Let's take a look back at the wonderful moments of the 10th anniversary celebration!