Brinyte PT18 Oathkeeper review by Christian Pahlitzsch

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Here I present the Brinyte PT18 Oathkeeper, my favorite in tactical lamps. The XHP 35 LED with cold white light is installed here. The Oathkeeper has a maximum output of 2000 lm. 4 light levels with additional strobe and SOS make it a valuable companion I have already used it in some search missions and training sessions and I really appreciate its versatility.



The PT18 has long been my absolute favorite tactical lamp and has been part of my standard equipment for search campaigns, but also for everyday use. Brinyte has already launched several high-quality models on the market.

Holster for PT18 Oathkeeper

PT18德国Christian Pahlitzsch(61).jpg

The lamp has a range of approx. 360m and a very balanced light image with a clean spot but also sufficient close-up illumination. It is operated by a 18650 battery PT18 enables.