Brinyte PT28 Oathkeeper review

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Brinyte PT28 Review

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The Brinyte PT28 comes with a lanyard, spare o-rings, a magnetic charging cable, a holster, a protected 18650 battery and of course, the light.

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The included holster is very nicely done. Cover stays on with velcro and there is a battery holder on the side as well.

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There's a hole on the top of the holster for the tailcap to pass through.

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On this side, it's only partially covered for the ring to protrude out.

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This holster will only allow the light to go in one direction unfortunately if you have the ring installed since it's covered almost all the way to the top.


The clip is very nice though. It's a rotating clip with good firm clicks and injection molded.

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The battery included is a protected 18650 with a button top and is listed as 3100mAh.

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Here is a shot of the included cell next to an unprotected, flat top 18650.

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Underneath the wrap is a Samsung 30Q and not some Chinese cell to minimize cost which I was happy to see, although at this price point, it really should be mandatory.

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Now let's get on with the light. As you can see here, the PT28 tail stands comfortably even with the ring.

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Anodizing and build quality feels very good and is similar to something you'd see from other manufacturers like Nitecore and so on. Clip included isn't deep carry to accomodate the ring.

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If you don't fancy the ring, it's very easily removable just by unscrewing the tailcap and sliding the ring out.

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One interesting thing about it is it actually rides onto a groove on the tailcap of the light so it doesn't rotate around. The one con about this is that it rattles a little since there is no o-ring to hold it tight.

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Notice the small white arrow on the tailcap. That is the groove which the ring rides on.


Firm silicone boot with Brinyte's own logo.

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Beefy dual springs and brass contacts in the tailcap.


Well lubed, square cut threads for the tail.

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Front end of the light.

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Magnetic charging port here.

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Lighted side switch for modes, battery level indication, and charge indication.


UI here is ON/OFF from the forward clicky tailswitch and click to cycle through modes on the side switch which is fairly standard. You also have STROBE/SOS and to get to them, one double click will get to STROBE and another will go to SOS. One nice thing about the UI is, you can actually get to the lowest mode by holding the side switch, then turn it on from the tailcap. Another thing I like is how you can go to STROBE just by double tapping the tailswitch. I would've preferred if they went double tap TURBO then triple tap STROBE but I guess it's personal preference and since this is built as a tactical light, I can't complain since I know most people would want it to go to STROBE.


The PT28 utilizes a XHP35 HD which runs with a SMO reflector. Glass is AR coated. Tint is pretty standard for the XHP series emitters with a small bit of tint shift around the hotspot. No complains other than that, but personally I'd prefer a XHP35 HI instead of HD for a tighter and nicer beam pattern. If they wanted to achieve the smoother, slightly floodier beam, XHP35 HI with OP reflector would still look better than this setup here. The only downside is output will be a little lower. 

Speaking of output, I measured 2100 lumens at 30 seconds which is higher than claimed at 1600 lumens.

I did not take any beamshots as I think Flashaholics has done a great job on them (


Charging the light with the magnetic cable. The cable lights up in blue and this isn't a charge indication, it's just lighted.

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Charge indication is actually on the switch itself. Red is during charging and green when full. Charging terminated with battery voltage at 4.19V so all good here.

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Some size comparisons. PT28 in hand.

PT28马来西亚Travis ZK-22.jpg

Comparison between a SK68 clone, PT28 and Surefire Z2.

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Comparison between a SK68 clone, PT28 and Surefire Z2.



Brinyte claims a runtime of 1+109mins at turbo but I got well over their claimed runtime. Turbo dropped at 1.5 minutes and was stable at about ~400 lumens for nearly 150 minutes. At that point, the light carried on at a low output which was enough to see and at the 155 minute mark, it dropped to a very low output close to moonlight. The light went on comfortably but I stopped the test just over 200 minutes. Battery voltage measured at 2.9V at the time of stoppage.