Brinyte PT28 Oathkeeper review by bilakos10

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The flashlight was sent to me by Brinyte for review.
Here's the product's link: 
Brinyte PT28 Oathkeeper

The PT28 arrived in a regular cardboard box and was seated on top of the foam.

Its packaging included the following:
The patented tactical ring, 3 replacement o-rings, a charging cable and an adjustable para-cord bracelet.

Additionally, very interesting nylon carrying pouch was also included.


The backside of the pouch contains a sturdy rotatable belt clip.
Additionally, the side of the pouch contains a slot for an extra 18650 cell.


A very special feature of the pouch is the fact that it has two punch hole in the top and bottom.
This enables the light to be operated while it's placed into the case.


The PT28 Oathkeeper comes in two available color schemes: Black and Brown.

The body of the light is mostly smooth, with the head and tail containing some square grooving.

The light is operated by dual switches (e-switch in the side, mechanical switch in tail).
The switch feels very robust and is surrounded by a metal ring.

As can be seen, the switch contains an indicator LED in the middle.
The indicator is used for informing the user about the battery's level and charging state.

Opposite to the switch is the magnetic, proprietary charging port.

The head houses the Cree XHP35 LED as well as a smooth reflector.

The tail switch protrudes and is covered by a nice rubber boot.

The side flaps are slightly longer than the actual switch, which means that the flashlight can tailstand.

The tail contains dual copper springs.

The threads are very thick and cleanly cut.
Thanks to the dual-tube setup, the flashlight can be mechanically locked out, even though the threads are not anodized.

As can be noticed, the PT28 comes with a removable, glossy black pocket clip.
The clip provides very strong retention and matches the tactical theme of the light.

One of the selling features of the PT28 is its tactical loop.

Here's a closer look at the metal ring.

As you might can guess, the ring feels very comfortable and of course allows for a more secure grip.

A couple more shots


The PT28 also comes with a Brinyte branded 18650 cell

The cell is rated for 3100mAh of capacity and is button top.


The charging of the flashlight requires the braided USB cable that the manufacturer includes.

Once plugged in, the end of the cable gets illuminated.


Being magnetic, the cable is automatically attached to the flashlight.
Thanks to the translucent plastic, the lighting spreads evenly on the top part of the connector.

While charging, the integrated indicator lights up to notify the user about the charging's state. (Red: Charging, Green: Full)

The maximum charging current I was able to record was about 1.6A

User Inteface
The PT28 is operated by dual switches.
Here's all  the supported actions of the flashlight's fimrware.

Turn on/off: Single press of tail switch.
Mode cycle: Single press of e-switch ( Low > Medium > High > Turbo > Low > ... )
Stroble: Double press of e-switch while ON or double press and click of tail switch while OFF.

Output and Regulation
Here's my output measurements using the included Brinyte 18650 cell.

As you can see, the manufacturer's output claims are very accurate.
I couldn't get current draw figures, as the flashlight uses a double tube design.

For the next part. here's a regulation graph I created after I recorded a few 15-min runs.

What we can see in the graph:

  • Turbo is maintained for around 1.5 minutes
  • After the 1.5 minute mark, the output steps down to 410 lumen.
  • The stepdown output is fully regulated.
  • All other modes ( Low , Medium, High ) are fully regulated and sustainable.

Here's a few wall beamshots with fix exposure to help you understand mode spacing.

Low - Medium


High - Turbo


Outdoor beamshots