Use Brinyte flashlight to make hunting easier
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Use Brinyte flashlight to make hunting easier
Regardless of whether it is posted on the forum or on the forum there are many people asking: What kind of hunting flashlight is more practical? People who directly ask brands and ask questions may not be familiar with the major brands. They think that they are ignorant of him. In addition, the technical parameters are too low. Therefore, here I still talk about the relevant precautions for hunting flashlights, and give small suggestions. 

Xiao Bian think that the player's electricity must first look at their own use of positioning, choose their own, rather than the most expensive or the cheapest, when buying back is not applicable also spend money, choose which light flashlight need to be based on their own use Depending on the environment, the best fit is the best.

Many tung oils have certain misunderstandings when selecting flashlights. In fact, the requirements of different environmental opponents are different. such as:
1, the basic requirements of outdoor flashlight: high brightness, long range, long life, with good waterproof effect, stable performance;
2, the basic requirements of domestic flashlight: practical, cost-effective, comfortable operation, moderate brightness, easy to charge or replace the battery, easy to maintain;
3, basic requirements for portable flashlight: compact appearance, light weight, moderate brightness, good quality, comfortable operation, if it is a lady to use, it is best to have a certain self-defense features, such as flash and so on;
4, the basic requirements for spare flashlights in the car: with a hammer function, high brightness, feature-rich (such as SOS function), long battery life, best equipped with on-board charging function;
5. Basic requirements for working flashlights: According to different types of work, the requirements of different working environments are different, and it is recommended to explain to the seller when buying.
5, there are many categories, such as: night rider flashlight, hunting flashlight, patrol flashlight and so on.

In addition to hunting flashlights in addition to outdoor flashlights, the shape can not be too large, easy to carry, but also have the function of low light, after all, sometimes the light is too bright will disturb the prey, low light is convenient to use close to or the like.

Personal advice to choose a domestic flashlight is more appropriate, cost-effective, the key is to choose a relatively good quality products, with a certain degree of professional experience, improve after-sales service sellers. Only in this way can you buy peace of mind and peace of mind.

The opponent's power actually has some hard requirements, the switch is best in the tail, in addition, the power should be lasting enough, the white light is best, the range does not need to be too large, but the flux should be enough to start is not too heavy, it is best to hold one hand Live action does not interfere, and it can be used as a weapon. The lamp is best with teeth.

Through these matters, let your opponent's electrical positioning more accurate, quickly choose the flashlight you need it!

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