Self-cultivation of tactical flashlight
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Self-cultivation of tactical flashlight
Is there a proper training for a tactical flashlight? Then we should first clarify the tactical flashlight really need to meet the use of the environment and use requirements. In military and police tactical operations, there are generally the following requirements for equipment:

Reliable and durable
When you face a serious threat, it is fatal to have a gun in your hand that cannot be fired. By the same token, when you need to identify threats, the failure of the flashlight to illuminate can be fatal - perhaps you have been attacked because you have not found a threat, and you may have mistakenly misidentified your target by mistakenly shooting others.

The reliability of flashlights includes many aspects - barrels, power supplies, lighting, switches and even accessories must be considered. Some flashlights reduce circuit reliability in pursuit of higher performance. Some flashlights use inexpensive batteries with unstable performance in order to improve their economic efficiency. Some flashlights are simply inferior, cheap, and shaky goods. Many people disregard the authoritative quality certification and think that those are the gimmicks that merchants use to make people pay more. However, at the crucial moment, it is these quality standards that can be life-saving, not the various functions or lighting parameters.

Accurate operation
True tactical flashlights generally have only one switch, one gear, and one mode to minimize the possibility of user error in operating under stress.

We call the one-button lighting switch at the tail of the power supply the "tactical switch." Why is it not a side press, double tail press, barrel screw, or other switch? First of all, the tail end is the switch position that is most easily and quickly found when holding the flashlight. Regardless of the direction from which to take out and hold the flashlight, using the backhand grip can ensure that the thumb can directly find and accurately press the switch. Many “tactical flashlights” are lightly tapped, re-keyed, or use double-tailed switches to independently control a certain mode, or to add a retaining ring to the tail in order to achieve so-called inverted or anti-misoperation functions. The design directly increases the difficulty of switch operation or the possibility of misoperation.

In the actual combat environment under great pressure, people's ability to think and react will drastically decline, and many basic operations must be accomplished with instinct or muscle memory. At this point you will want each piece of equipment and each switch to be in the position you are most familiar with, and maintain the feel that you are most familiar with, instead of pulling the flashlight with one hand but not pressing the switch, when you release your thumb to continue moving Did not notice that the flashlight is still on, or is ready to throw a knocking bomb into the house to save people but unknowingly broke into the grenades package...

High quality light effect
People are visual animals, and even the best tactical experts are no exception. Almost all tactical operations are based on visible and visible conditions. This is why various visual aids such as flashlights, night vision devices, and thermal imaging systems have been invented and constantly upgraded. Especially in the field of law enforcement, correctly identifying and confirming target identities is the key to the smooth development of tactical operations in low-light conditions. It is also one of the biggest difficulties. At this time, the quality of the light of auxiliary lighting directly affects the success or failure of the operation. If the high/low brightness or uneven spot makes it impossible for you to quickly find the target and correctly identify the details of the opponent's face or hand, the entire mission may end up with your failure to relieve the threat or shoot the hostage in time.

The professionalism of tactical flashlights has never been reflected by the multi-modality, large lumens, low cost of use, or sturdy gimmicks with lethal attack heads. Like other real professional tactical equipment, it is the true self-cultivation of a tactical flashlight that can accomplish most of its best work in the most reliable state when it is most needed.
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