Five Things to Know About Long-Term Trekking
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Five Things to Know About Long-Term Trekking
If you intend to plan a long-term outdoor trekking, then you first need to understand these five major issues.
Equipment and Security
Hiking equipment is very important. Choosing good equipment will greatly help your trekking. Good equipment can reduce your weight and make your walking easier. However, when you pay attention to equipment, safety is the most important. According to personal circumstances, we must accurately estimate your own body.

Understand the difficulty and danger of your route
There are various challenges for different lengths of routes. It's really important for you to do it on foot, but there are a lot of routes to choose from. If you accept the more civilized (or mediocre) hiking trail, you can choose to join many people. . Now, if you have a decent idea, you can set off on foot. However, the Pacific Ridge is different and requires more planning. You have to travel long distances and the water resources along the way are limited. At the same time, you must also plan more for the replacement of equipment along the way (may require different equipment during the trip). It is best to bring a line guide or read some line journals and messages online to get some insight into the line.

Think more about your purpose
Everyone on the long journey has a plan in mind, and you have to plan something to determine your purpose. Some people go on foot on AT because they think it is very important for him to complete the entire AT. Therefore, some people will be disappointed because they are not finished. And I feel that enjoying the journey is the real purpose of traveling. After some days, perhaps long-term hiking has become a way of life for you. It is more than just a pastime. It is the way you achieve yourself and your daily life habits. This is a different mentality.

Consider your long-time partner
You may consider walking with your partner, but I have found that some lines such as AT are sometimes easier and simpler. I have seen that friendship broke down on the journey. Why is that? Because you are always with some people, sometimes you may not want to walk as far as others, do not want to stay with others, do not want to eat the same thing with others. Then again, if you are on a more difficult and dangerous route, like the mainland watershed, then it's best to go with your partner, because it's hard to see other people on the way.

There are always bad weather and good mental preparation
If you know that there will be bad weather on the road and you are mentally prepared, your long-term travel may end up a bit easier. 30% of the trip will make you feel annoying, but the bad weather is bad weather and will not change because of your feelings. 50% of the journey you will feel very cool. The remaining 20% will completely fall in love with him, experience amazing things to make up for your boring journey.

Prepare physical and mental challenges
Before you go far, it is very good to pass some challenging training. You need to make your body resistant to dirt, cold and fatigue. If there is any experience in dealing with these problems, then it is best. Therefore, in the wild survival that I led, no players feel that their journey is not smooth.
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