Outdoor trekking as little as possible
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Outdoor trekking as little as possible
Some donkeys used parasols for sun protection. This practice is extremely wrong. Why don't you have an umbrella when you donkey outdoors? The reason for this is as follows:
One is that the outdoor donkey line is either upstream or mountain climbing, and it is not very convenient to use an umbrella. Walking is more difficult when you have an arm occupied.

The second is that the outdoor donkey has a narrow mountain path. The umbrella can easily be hung out of the branches and wild thorns. It constantly asks people to help remove the umbrella from the hanging branch, affecting the speed of walking, and blocking the progress of others. path of.

The third is that the outdoor donkey line has a relatively large physical fitness. When you walk on an umbrella, you will consume more physical energy and paralyze the arms of the umbrella.

The fourth is that outdoor donkeys are very unsafe. When you jump on the rock in the stream, or on the half-hilly road on one side of the steep cliff, a mountain breeze will blow you. You may lose balance, you may easily wet in the water, and you may easily slip in the mid-level.

Therefore, there are many outdoor sun protection methods, you can wear a sun hat, wear a long-sleeved shirt, or cuff, or apply sunscreen and so on.
Therefore, it is recommended that the donkey bank should not use an umbrella.
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