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Talking about the choice of diving flashlight
What happens when your diving flashlight suddenly loses power or fails during night diving?
A: At this time, you need to calm your mind and observe the surrounding situation. Quickly find the light source around you. It is the position of your potential companion. Then you go to the light source to inform the potential companion's own situation with a hand gesture and use a flashlight together. Therefore, it is necessary to have a spare light source for diving, and at least two flashlights for night diving.
The diving flashlight can not only illuminate the cracks between rocks and prevent potential dangers, but also can be used as a photo light to restore the colors of fish and coral reefs more realistically.
Divers can also use the light instead of language to “say” private messages in the sea. When swimming farther in the water, especially during dark night dives, it is always better to wave a light than to break the throat.
As the industrial chain of the diving equipment market continues to increase, the performance of the flashlight industry is also increasing year after year.
Some so-called tactical flashlight small factories have seen good market prospects and demand, but also follow suit, and high competition has caused the market price to continue to decline. It is precisely that: There is no minimum price, only a lower price.
This led to a large number of divergent flashlight brands, varying quality, price confusion, and false indicators. However, the slogan is the first in the universe. How do potential friends choose?
In fact, the choice of diving flashlight must first suit itself, according to their own diving environment, diving target, purchase budget, to choose the right lamp;
The limited purchase budget of potential friends, the brightness exceeds the actual needs of potential friends is a waste, and will also bring light pollution to the potential companions and aquatic creatures.
In general, entry-level submersible light flashlights (300-700 lumens) meet basic needs.
If it is an open water deep dive, a boat dive, etc., you need a higher brightness (1000-3000 lumens).
More enthusiastic enthusiasts like 4000-10000 lumens, that is high-end demand, very bright to meet any purpose.
In addition to the same lumens, the purpose of concentrating and astigmatism is completely different. Concentration is mostly used for long-range illumination; and wide-angle astigmatism is only for near-distance, wide-range illumination, and is mainly used for photographing photography.
When you look at potential friends in some bad dealers to purchase diving flashlights, most of them are very unprofessional to compare with the ceiling and choose the brightest one. Actually, unscrupulous manufacturers do instant boost, so it looks like Brighter. Brightness is undoubtedly the ultimate goal pursued by potential friends and manufacturers. Reality? Reputable manufacturers High production costs, high-brightness opponents cooling power, LED power and battery losses put forward higher technical requirements.
Circuit board:
The general submersible flashlights on the market use ordinary circuit boards. The circuit board of an ordinary torch can be integrated with power supply, IC, and smart chip. The cost can be a dollar.
Some smart manufacturers add overheat protection to the circuit and use overheat protection to remove the standard parameters to attract users who are pursuing brightness. Even through a variety of wonderful designs, one-sided pursuit of high lumens, at the expense of the continued stability of brightness and reduce the use of security. For example, remove the battery protection board and increase the voltage and current to achieve overclocking. So a hundred yuan or so flashlight was marked to 1000 or even higher lumens, the consequence is a huge amount of heat, because the two do not match, resulting in frequent burning of the lamp and lithium batteries are often over-discharge, ranging from only light up It takes a few minutes and often requires maintenance, but it is because of the high heat that causes fire.
Low-end diving flashlights in the market typically use resin or plastic lenses. Brinyte uses double coated tempered glass lenses for good light transmission, high compressive strength, and very wear and scratch resistance.
Reflector Cup:
Low-cost products use plastic electroplating reflectors, which are not environmentally friendly, have no heat dissipation performance, and have poor stability. They can easily lead to smoldering of LEDs and accelerate light decay, greatly shortening the service life of products. Brinyte uses a professionally designed vacuum coated aluminum reflector, which provides good heat dissipation and protects the life of the LED.
The import of CREE lamp beads, although domestic LED technology in recent years has greatly improved, but in the overall level of advanced technology and international level there is still a certain gap. Such as white light blue, partial blue phenomenon can not be well overcome, in addition to the price, domestic lamp beads do not have a certain core competitiveness. The cost of importing a CREE bulb must be at least ten times greater than domestic lamp beads.
waterproof ring:
Diving lights on the market are basically made of ordinary silicone rubber rings. Due to the poor elastic repair ability of silicone rubber rings, which are susceptible to high and low temperatures, and poor acid and alkali corrosion resistance, your lights may need to be caught offensively. Retired. The special apron used in Brinyte dive lights is resistant to high and low temperatures, resists strong acid and alkali corrosion, and ensures superior water resistance.
People who have used a flashlight have experience, the general flashlight will consume less and less voltage with the battery, the spot flashes, the brightness is unstable, and the lighting effect becomes worse. The brightness constant technology of Brinyte diving flashlight can ignore the change of battery voltage and provide almost constant brightness most of the time, not only improving the lighting effect, but also fully utilizing every power of the battery.
The Brinyte diving flashlight adopts reverse polarity protection to prevent the user from carelessly mistaken the positive and negative poles of the battery to damage the flashlight (unique electronic anti-reverse design, even if the battery is misplaced without causing damage); Lighting will cause the battery to heat and affect the use. Therefore, the flashlight has specially designed the function of high temperature, which also helps to prolong the service life of the flashlight.
Aluminum is the most suitable flashlight material, and heat dissipation is better than copper and steel. The price of new materials is more than double that of non-standard or old materials. Non-standard or old material aluminum alloys do not meet the hardness standards, and the overall weakness, together with impurities, hard oxidation, it is easy to have pits In less than half a year or several times, the discoloration can be very serious, and even the background can be seen.
In line with international standards, the cost of formalized production is several times more than that of small factories. In an exquisitely-designed flashlight, the cost of the production process accounts for a large proportion, after at least dozens of production processes, high-precision scrubbing, two-dimensional measurement and so on. Coupled with the complexity of self-design, the artificial and hard costs generated in the middle are not known to be much higher than the small flashlights of the small factories in the market.
Some low-quality flashlights are said to have a waterproof depth of several tens of hundred, except that I can only detour. As a submersible flashlight, which is subject to great water pressure, it is also impervious to dripping. Manufacturers are bound to have high-precision molds, and the precision of molds is extremely harsh on the equipment requirements and processing technology, which undoubtedly increases production costs. Therefore, it is not surprising that low quality flashlights have lamp leakage or even switch leakage. In addition to the rough production, the concept of waterproof design has also added more cool and fancy.
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