Correctly handling the emergency crisis of sudden diving
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Correctly handling the emergency crisis of sudden diving
When your dive light fails and loses contact with your buddy
We don't know why you didn't bring a spare light when you were engaged in night dive; or you also took a dive light and it didn't work. But when you are accidentally blinded by the dark, you may lose contact with your buddy, and you will not know which direction is the water. What should you do?
Position yourself. Observe the direction of the bubble from the secondary head to make sure you know the correct position of the water surface. Then maintain your depth and position. Use your ears (changes in ear pressure) to know if your current condition is rising or falling.
Turn 360 degrees to find the light of your buddy. Turn as slowly as possible, because if the light of your buddy is intermittent and farther and farther away from you, it will be hard to find.
Beat your gas cylinder. This sound will attract your attention.
If you find your buddy, be close to him slowly. The reason is very simple. Imagine that when you dive in the hustle and bustle of the sea, you can't reach your fingers. How do you react to the sudden catch of your creature? It may cause the panic of your buddy and make unexpected behavior.
If you still can't find your buddy within a minute, then you will come to the surface to find it. This method is always better than both of you in the dark water.
Trapped in a wreck
Of course, we don't need to mention this, but we still have to remind our friends.
If you have not accepted the wreck diving expertise, you should not enter the shipwreck for exploration. Shipwreck diving may encounter entanglement by fishing lines that are not easily found or caught by scrap iron, but what if you are already inside the shipwreck and are trapped?
Grab the solid fixture. Move your body as gently as possible to understand which part is entangled and avoid being damaged by jagged scrap iron, and the movement of small movements can also avoid stirring the sand to affect our visibility to judge the environment.
Use your diving knife to get rid of the fish line. If you are just entangled by the fishing line, you can grab the fishing line with one hand and carefully cut it with a diving knife.
Please escort. If you accidentally get caught by the object of the shipwreck, then the buddy can play a role to help you solve this situation. The flashlight flashes the signal in a curved way to tell your buddy that you have a problem.
Can't find your buddy? By temporarily covering your lights, you may be able to see the lights of your buddies. Still not seeing? Make sound, try to knock metal objects to attract the attention of the buddy.
If you have solved the problem of entanglement yourself but lost contact with your buddy, you should quickly leave the shipwreck and wait at the place where you entered the shipwreck. And if you have lost your sense of direction or judgment, remember to cover your light again, maybe you can find the direction in which light enters from the opening of the hull, and then find the exit.
The air source is exhausted and there is no backup air source
When you are enjoying a dive, approach the edge of the depth of recreational diving. Suddenly! The more you suck, the more you feel like you are sucking the vacuum. Your spare source tube is just disappeared with the snorkeling photographer. It seems that you have to make an emergency swim, but it is still far away from the water. What time do you do?
Throw away all the equipment that can be thrown away from you, that is to say, besides your gas cylinder (can be used for life), put all unnecessary things such as weights, fish guns, etc., including expensive cameras, because you I definitely don't want to take pictures at this time.
Go to the water. Constant exhalation, so that the gas that is constantly rising in your lungs is bubbled out. As the pressure continues to decrease, your gas cylinder may have some residual gas that will soar up, so that you can change one or two more to save your life. .
If you can rush to the surface, fill your BCD with a mouth blow.
Send a signal for help, in a way that most people can recognize (such as waving your hands).
Once you go ashore, carefully observe whether you have signs of decompression sickness. Even if you feel that everything is okay, you should go to the hospital for treatment immediately, because microbubbles may lie for more than six hours.
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