Riding lighting equipment
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Riding lighting equipment
With the expansion of outdoor sports, cycling has become an indispensable sport in the outdoor. Long-distance cycling during the day and suburban cycling in the evening can be enjoyed by riding enthusiasts everywhere.
Outdoor riding, many friends may encounter the situation of night riding, riding a strong light flashlight, taillights has become a more important safety equipment. Although the street lights in the city have become very popular, it is inevitable that there will be some special circumstances such as road construction, street lights breaking, or a section of roads without street lights. This time, the flashlight is particularly important.
Products such as flashlights are no more than helmets and gloves. The parameters are more complicated and varied, and it is easy to be misled when selected. Here, we recommend that you choose a well-known brand, even if the price may not be very low, but the protection is much more.
In addition to considering the brightness, the professional riding flashlight needs to take into account some characteristics such as lamp life, flashlight strength and waterproof. It is generally more expensive, so we can also consider some light flashlights with a slightly lower price in daily use. Compared with professional riding flashlights (or headlights), although the brightness of the glare flashlight is sufficient, the illuminating area is relatively small, but there are also many large-light glare flashlights on the market. You can choose such a flashlight.
Unlike the riding flashlight, which is mainly used to illuminate the road ahead, the taillights are mainly used to remind the rear motor vehicle to pay attention.
At present, in most sections of the city, the bicycle lane is not completely separated from the motorway. This is especially dangerous when riding at night, so the taillights are also very necessary. Most bicycles are equipped with full-reflection taillights at the rear of the car or under the seat. In theory, this can produce similar results, but if you are not at ease, you can also consider installing professional taillights.
Compared with the headlights, the requirements of the taillights are relatively low, so the price is much lower. The tens of dollars is enough, and the 100 yuan is very good.
You must not neglect the small equipment on these roads. The key moments are related to everyone's safety. If you haven't already, hurry up and equip yourself!
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