Please notice that PT18 Oathkeeper has the intelligent lockout function:

Electronic lockout/unlock:

– While the tail primary switch is OFF, press quickly 3 times the side switch to lock or unlock. At any time, the tail button can be lit, then the front side switch will be unlocked if it is left ON after 5s.

Mechanical lockout:

Turn the tail cap 1/4 counter clockwise.

*So the lockout, are independent and would work with one without the other. Either you lockout the e-switch but tail cap in screwed tight for a momentary TURBO, or do a mechanical lockout for the tail cap, and still be able to access the side switch(if you didn't do electronic lockout), or do both lockouts at the same time for a more secure light when travelling (electronic lockout and mechanical lockout at the same time).

Yes, it is normal. 

When the flashlight is activated for 10 seconds, the built-in power indicator in the front electronic switch will automatically turn on, making it easy to quickly find the front electronic switch in the dark. 

Press and hold the front side e-switch for 10 seconds, turn this function on or off. 

. Do not disassemble the sealed components. Otherwise, the flashlight will be damaged and the warranty will be invalidated.

. Remove dust and grease from the light’s threads and O-rings in a timely manner, and regularly clean the threads, springs and battery contacts.

. When storing the flashlight for long periods, fully charge the battery and remove it from the battery holder to avoid leakage or explosion.

. Before storing the flashlight, dry any rain, snow, or moisture off the light.

. Unscrew the tail cap half a turn or take out the battery to prevent accidental activation during storage or transportation.