The coach Ola successfully climbed the world's highest peak Mount Everest with Brinyte


Mount Everest is the closest place on the earth to the sun.

Climbing to the top of the world-Mount Everest is the dream of every climber. For climbers, they face far more than extreme cold weather, oxygen-deficient environment, steep mountains, unfamiliar journeys, and ever-changing extreme weather. They also need to have the fearless spirit of defying hardships and dangers, overcoming all difficulties, and conquering the sky, and being willing to be others’ ladder, self-sacrifice willing to give.

This time the Mount Everest team is composed of outdoor mountaineering enthusiasts from all over the country. Starting from Kathmandu, it will reach the summit of Mount Everest via Lukla and Packding, and finally complete the summit challenge. As the representative of Guangzhou, Ms. Euler, an outdoor expert in Guangzhou mountaineering, is honored to be the backbone of Mount Everest. Brinyte, as a leader in the domestic outdoor lighting equipment industry, is fortunate to be selected by Ms. Euler as a sponsor of camp lighting equipment. 

Congratulations once again to Ms. Euler and Brinyte for successfully ascending to the summit of Mount Everest at 11:15 am Nepal time on May 23, 2021, to 8,884.86 meters! It is always difficult for people to associate the amazing news of the successful summit of Mount Everest with such an elegant, beautiful and slender woman, but coach Euler once again proved with practical actions that both inside and outside can be cultivated, and elegance and strength can be combined. The coexistence coincides with the elegant appearance and superb quality of Brinyte brand products. At the same time, the climbing spirit of coach Euler also reflects Brinyte's continuous exploration in the field of lighting and the product concept that strives to create a product born for a harsh environment.









Brief Introduction of Ms. Euler Personal Experience

She has accumulated 8 years of outdoor training and more than 10 years of outdoor experience. She has rich experience in event organization and competitions. Hiking, mountain climbing, trail running, rock climbing and other projects are all her expertise.

Since 2009, Euler has successively completed a number of challenges: Three Peaks (5355m above sea level), Queer Mountain in Sichuan (6168m above sea level), Haba Snow Mountain in Yunnan (5396m above sea level), Xuebaoding in Sichuan (5548m above sea level), Mushita in Xinjiang Gefeng (7546m above sea level), Qinghai Yuzhu Peak (6178m above sea level), Sichuan Half Ridge Peak (5430m above sea level), etc.

Coach Euler personally described the timeline of Everest climbing:

Depart from Guangzhou on April 12 and meet in Chongqing

Chongqing to Kathmandu, Nepal on April 14

On April 16th, take a plane to Lukla for EBC adaptive training

Arrived at Mount Everest Base Camp on April 26 at an altitude of 5364m

Return from C1C2 to 6800m after Zipper training on May 1-5

On May 12, the waiting window for training at the base camp will end

Starting on May 16 to officially climb Mount Everest, on the same day to C2

C2 trapped 6400m due to weather on May 17-20

Departure on May 21 to C3 camp 7100m

May 22, C4-7950m, set off at 10:30 pm for the summit

At 11:15 am Nepal time on May 23, climbed to the top of 88.886m and safely descended to C4 camp at 17:15.

Withdrawal to C2 on May 24

Withdraw to base camp on May 25

The helicopter returned to Kathmandu to end the climb on May 29

From the beginning of the hike to the end of the climb, the climbing cycle is relatively long due to weather conditions. In 2021, 408 climbing permits were issued on the southern slope of Mount Everest (the highest in history), with 195 climbers reaching the summit and 339 Sherpa summits (with Sherpa has climbed to the summit many times), two climbers died during the climb and descend, one Sherpa C2 descended and died (the position where he fell into the ice crack is the position where coach Euler rested when he came up), another Sherpa died on the 23rd when he reached the summit and descended.

This year, 21 climbers on the north slope were cancelled due to the epidemic.

Due to the suspension of the epidemic, coach Euler and a group of climbers are still stranded in Kathmandu...