Shenzhen Brinyte Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in June 2006. It is a comprehensive company integrating R&D, manufacturing, and sales. It has its own R&D center, marketing team, and factory. , The production center includes CNC processing, production assembly, inspection, and testing, etc.

We always focus on the field of outdoor mobile lighting products. With years of accumulation of technology and continuous innovation, it has obtained more than 50 patents and created a series of unique and innovative self-owned brand products that are suitable for consumers and are widely sold to more than 100 countries and regions around the world. Highly recognized by the market.

Our brand: Brinyte

Our products: hunting flashlights, tactical flashlights, search flashlights, headlights, etc. Please check more info by this link: Brinyte Products

Our factory: including CNC processing, production assembly, inspection, testing, etc.

Our production capacity: more than 100 employees, the annual production capacity of 600-700,000 pieces/year

Our customer base: mainly Europe and the United States, sales to more than 100 countries and regions around the world

Brinyte adheres to the design concept of "user experience as the core" and "user experience" as the core, with a professional attitude of "seeking truth and innovation, pursuing perfection", and is committed to providing stable and reliable products and services to global consumers through high-quality standard products and services. The outdoor lighting experience has become a leading brand in the global outdoor lighting field.

Brand Interpretation

Brinyte comes from bright your night

Our graphic design ideas:

Take the circle as the main element, implying the company’s global marketing strategy, indicating that we take the world as the sales target

The initial letter B of the brand is highlighted in the circle, showing the shining light that forms the tendency of the flashlight to shine. It is not only a declaration of our brand but also showing that the company is our outward expansion and broader development space. Confident, open, and enterprising Mental outlook

On the left, an abstract figure is used as a state of embrace, expressing the company’s service, a warm and thoughtful service, a tolerant attitude, and the willingness to sincerely join hands with customers to create brilliant wishes and the concept of tolerance

In addition, the left side is a stable semicircle, which is solid and stable, implying the firm foundation of the company; the right semicircle extends infinitely outwards, symbolizing the company’s endless struggle, innovation, and passion.

The core values of our company:

Open the door to do things, honesty; ---We must have a bottom line and principles in doing things and do not do dishonest and immoral things

Product ingenuity, only quick and unbreakable; ---Products are the foundation of an enterprise, so we must continue to develop new products

Go all out for career development; --- Each of us must try our best to realize our self-worth and ideals, prove and achieve ourselves

If the company is upgraded, we will share the blessings; --- After the development of the company, profit sharing will benefit everyone

The enterprise is everlasting and self-improving. ----Being a business and doing a good job for a long time, let us do a great thing together, and prove that we are awesome

Our corporate mission

Internally: Advocate positive, hardworking, innovative, and tolerant work concepts, improve self-worth, and achieve a wonderful life (explain each word)

External: Leading a healthy life, creating a passionate life, advocating green and environmental protection

-----Use our labor to prove that we are doing our own business, to realize our self-worth, and let this section of our journey become a happy and brilliant experience in our life. Use our labor to bring happiness to others.