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How to turn on Brinyte T28 hunting flashlight?
Please long press the tail switch to turn on the flashlight.
How to charge Brinyte T28 hunting light?
Please charge the included battery directly, there is a USB-C charging port of the battery. And you can put the battery into a charger to charge it too.
Why dose the indicator built in tail switch of Brinyte T28 show green?
Because this indicator is to show that the flashlight is working normally, if the indicator doesn't show green, it indicates the flashlight is wrong.
Why doesn't the front side switch of Brinyte PT18pro work?
Please check if the front side switch is in a locked state, in general, the front side switch will be locked after you turn off the flashlight for 1min. If you want to unlock the front side switch, please click it three times in quick succession, then it will work normally again. Or you can press down the tail switch to turn on the flashlight, the front side switch will be unlocked automatically after 5s.
How many verisons of T28 Artemis?
Two versions. One is with red/green/white LEDs, another one is the IR version with white/IR850/IR940 LEDs.
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